Veraison Hills Vineyards

Our first vineyard was planted in 2015. Now our crews maintain three sites in 3 counties of  the Texas Hill Country. 

Pontotoc (San Saba County / Hill Country AVA)

Block 1

Petite Sirah  / Tempranillo

Block 1 is split between  Petite Sirah  and Tempranillo. Tempranillo is one Texas wine drinkers favorites. This has likely to do with how well Tempranillo tolerates the Texas Heat and produces a consistent high quality harvest. 

Block 2


It's hard to not like Tannat grape vines.  Tannat vines are always the happiest grape vines in the vineyard.  Year in and year out, they make the prettiest grape clusters in the vineyard.  They are always overachievers no matter what the Texas weather throws at them. The grapes make a really big wine, one of the best wines in Texas. Some call it the "Cabernet of Texas". Texas Hill Country Tannat is a wine made for Texans.   Tannat  is a wine as big as the Lonestar State. While a Tannat wine can occasionally be a little rough around the edges when young, with time it ages to be a wine worth really crowing about!

Block 3


Mourvèdre is also from Southwest France, one of the warmest regions in the country. It has established itself as a vine that is relatively cooperative and eager to produce in Texas.  If anything, it tends to be a little too willing to produce large quantities of fruit in the Texas heat.  The berries are large and very juicy, producing a soft and fruity and elegant wine.  

Block 4

Viognier/ Petite Verdot

Block 4 is another split block between Petite Verdot and Viognier.  Both of vines are oddities here in Texas in that they originally come from a much cooler part of the world, Bordeaux, France in the case of Petite Verdot and the Northern Rhone Valley of France in the case of Viognier. Petite Verdot is a very late ripening varietal.  It likes the cooler and relatively short growing season of Bordeaux.  It is said that P. Verdot only fully ripens one in ever four years.  It is quite possible that Petite Verdot reliably makes a better wine here in Texas than it does in its native France. It consistently makes a beautiful varietal Texas wine. Viognier on the other hand can be a little fussy in the Texas heat and needs a little TLC. But clearly, Viognier is worth the the extra effort.  Texas grown Viognier has been one of the most consistent white wine award winners for Texas wineries including Longhorn Cellars. 

Block 5


Did we mention our Tannat makes a wine as big as Texas?

Block 6

Petite Syrah (aka Durif)

Petite Sirah is  one of our winemaker's personal favorite. Our vines are very prolific producers.  It takes considerable effort to keep the amount of fruit on each vine to a level that the vine can fully mature to produce ripe fruit flavors that This assures the production of the premium fruit that we use for our wines. The fruit makes a beautiful and tannic wine even in less than ideal conditions. It is a consistent performer in the winery and not only makes one of the most useful blending wines, it also can make a wonderful single vineyard varietal wine with character and depth. 

Block 7


We do love our Mourvèdre!

Block 8


Aglianico has been a great performer in our vineyard.  It hails from  Southern Italy, near Naples and further south.  This is one of the more southern grape growing regions of Europe. This may explain why Aglianico performs so well in the Texas Hill Country. Aglianico makes a robust and tannic wine. Most noteworthy is how well Aglianico holds is acid levels well into the harvest season. 

Block 9


Montepulciano is another Southern Italian variety. The vines seem quite content in our Texas heat.  They also clearly favor producing a large amount of fruit. The fruit ripens particularly late. Similar to Primitivo (Zinfandel), it ripens very unevenly and less predictably. These are characters that we are just learning how to account for in our vineyard. Despite the challenges, we feel this is going to be a great performer for us. 

Block 10


Our Roussanne vines were planted this year.  So far, they seem happy in their new home.  We will keep you posted. 

Block 11


Our Marsanne also was just planted this year. 

Blocks 12 and 13

Grenache Blanc / Vermentino

These two new blocks are currently under construction and to be planted this spring.  There are 1250 baby Grenache Blanc and 1250 baby Vermentino vines in California right now that already are destined for Veraison Hills Vineyard.  They will be shipped to us in either February or March, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. 

Fredericksburg - Tasting Room / Vineyard/ Wine Production


Winery Block

Mourvèdre / Malbec / Merlot

This is home of our Triple M Blend. Please come to our annual Triple M Blending party and help us make our landmark wine.



Hye Way House (aka Gamma’s Farmhouse) Vineyard

Nero d’  Avola

Originally built as an experimental and show Vineyard, our Nero d’ Avola shows much promise. Nero d’ Avola hails from the far southeast tip of Sicily. This beautiful  hot, semi-arid part of Sicily has a climate very similar to the Texas Hill Country.